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A documentary of the Smokey Joe album launch gig with FolkLaw and Friends at the Stroud Subscription Rooms

Photographs by Martin Bailey Reynolds - and Charlie Bryan -

Emi McDade Sound Check
Before the gig: A rare sight of the man who dissolves into the shadows
as soon as the concert starts but who's there every moment
the music plays plying his craft to get the very best sound -
sound engineer Tony talking with Emi during the pre-gig sound-check
FolkLaw Album Launch Sound Check
Before the gig: A rare glimpse of last minute adjustments with a packed
stage, while Emi McDade plays Waterways of England for the first time,
Jon Dowling checks the sound on the bass and Paul McLaughlin finishes
off some dots for the debut performance of a Tuba part on "My Time"!

Emi McDade and Nick Gibbs
Nick adjusts the mic for Emi's sound-check.
Who needs a roadie when you've got FolkLaw
on hand eh?! I bet they could shift a Subscription
Rooms grand piano if they put their mind to it!
Emi McDade at the FolkLaw Album Launch gig
Concert starts with a beautiful set of songs, magical piano
playing and a pure voice as Emi McDade sets hearts alight. If you
liked Emi's music you can find more at
Smokey Joe Album Launch Emma Vogwell Martin Vogwell and Emma Vogwell FolkLaw and the Vogwells for Fighting for old Charlie
Next up are Emma and Martin as "the Vogwells" - a pretty rare sight since the Bewelien project started!
The Vogwells are joined mid-set by Nick and Bryn as guests on one of our Vogwell favourites "Fightin' for ol' Charlie"
- a track whose historical references helped inspire "I made them" on the Smokey Joe album.

Smokey Joe Album Launch FolkLaw Stroud Sub Rooms
After a quick interval and glasses replenished at the
sub rooms bar (which Gaz reckon's is the best value at any
arts center anywhere!), FolkLaw take to the stage
FolkLaw Band at the Smokey Joe Album Launch by Charlie Bryan
Nations Pride makes an appearance much to the delight of the
Minchinhampton contingent! "6 lanes wide" gestures Nick
...not sure what Martin's laughing about!!
Bryn Williams FolkLaw Album Launch
Bryn's grimace tells a tale of passion for Gloucester Boys... ...or was it
because he fell down the stairs two days before the gig?! Yep - that's
right - Bryn was dosed to the max on paracetamol for the launch night!

Smokey Joe Album Launch Gaz Hunt Paul McCoughlin Smokey Joe Album Launch Candia McCormack
(left) Gaz sings his heart out on "Talk to Me", (center) Paul McCoughlin joins the band on Tuba for a special addition to My Time, and it's at this moment that
Martin Bailey Reynolds gets one of his favourite shots of the night as Paul's eye appears round the corner of the tuba, and the band is reflected in the shining brass!!
(right) Candia McCormack, takes a break from the limelight of Cotswold Life magazine to add her beautiful voice to the choruses of Cotswold Hills and Lorelei

Smokey Joe Album Launch Paul McCoughlin and Martin Vogwell FolkLaw and Friends by Charlie Bryan FolkLaw and Friends by Martin Bailey Reynolds
All on stage for the grand finale! "Smokey Joe" sets the stage jumping, and it's smiles all around as Paul McCoughlin and Martin share a joke on the mic.
Jon Howlin' Downlin' gets to work on bass, Candia McCormack's tamborine brings the song to life, and as she shares the mic with Emi McDade, good times are had by all!

Smokey Joe Album Launch FolkLaw and Friends

All together for the final bow! From left to right: Martin Vogwell, Jon Howlin' Dowling, Paul McCoughlin, Nick Gibbs, Bryn Williams, Gaz Hunt,
Emi McDade and Candia McCormack. Where's Emma Vogwell you ask?! Looking after band dog Ernie on the merch desk but still there in spirit!

In the words of the final song of the night - "Left to right my friends surround, the quaver and the stave, from Cradle to the Grave"

Thank you to everyone who came, everyone who made it possible, Martin Bailey Reynolds for the wonderful pictures
and here's hoping that the next album launch can be even better! From all of us at FolkLaw.
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